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Thursday, January 18th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

By Cory Ohlendorf, Valet. Editor

My apologies to anyone who has to commute, but I’m not mad at a little more snow falling outside my window.

Today’s Big Story

How’s That Resolution?

This is the time when most of them fall apart. But they don't have to necessarily ... 


We're now halfway through the first month of the year. Which probably means your New Year's resolutions are forgotten—or will soon be. When you dig into the data, the numbers suggest that less than one in 10 Americans who make resolutions actually complete them. In fact, research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.Reuters reports that fitness app Strava discovered that Jan. 17 was the most likely day for resolutions to be tossed out the window. So if you made it this far, keep going!Money is a popular goal, espcially this year. When YouGov recently asked people about their resolutions for 2024, “saving more money” was the top response at nearly 25%—more than being happy, exercising or anything else. But, “actual change requires more than just motivation, which is why so many resolutions fail,” says Katy Milkman, an economist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and one of the world's foremost authorities on the matter. She provided tips on keeping your resolutions alive and generating lasting change.Psychologists who study self-control have advice about how best to stick to our goals. The worst approaches involve what they call “response modulation”—otherwise known as white-knuckling it as you stare down temptation. Good old willpower. The ancient Greeks knew that this was a terrible strategy, as evidenced by their myths. As Odysseus approached the Sirens, whose songs would lure men to their deaths, he plugged the ears of his crew and had himself bound to the mast of his ship. Odysseus knew that confronting temptation without a plan would fail sooner or later. Instead, he adopted a strategy that present-day psychologists call “situation change.” This is, according to a review of 102 studies, the best strategy for exerting self-control. Rather than exposing ourselves to temptations and hoping we possess the willpower to resist, it is better to avoid confronting them in the first place.Other experts say to expect obstacles along the way. No matter how small or straightforward your goal is, there is always a chance for an obstacle. To keep your optimism, identify obstacles and create plans to avoid barriers. This will reduce the possibility of setbacks or failure. As Milkman told the Washington Post, good goals stretch you; “they push you a little beyond where you would naturally go. And a stretch, by definition, is something that you can't always hit.” But that doesn't mean they're not worth trying.

Pro Tip:

Can't find time to work on your resolution? Subtract things from your life, such as an activity you’re no longer committed to, so you have room for new goals.

A Winter Warmup Is in Sight, but ...

First, one more Arctic blast will affect much of the Central U.S. and East Coast

You might've noticed that the bitterly cold temperatures that gripped large parts of the U.S.—including areas largely unaccustomed to them—began to ease up yesterday. And a significant weather pattern shift is expected to bring air temperatures back into the above-average range for much of the country next week. However, another arctic blast will bring yet another heap of snow and icy temperatures first.A two-part storm will spread accumulating snow and travel disruptions across 18 states in the Midwest and Northeast, home to 115 million people, from Thursday into Friday night, AccuWeather meteorologists warn. Arctic air will pour in following the storm, resulting in the coldest winter weekend so far for much of the Eastern United States. Even though a blockbuster snowfall is not anticipated for the region, the different parts of the storm will hit some areas harder than others.After that, the North American weather pattern looks to be dominated by a much milder Pacific air flow, with above-average temperatures across most of the country. In fact, Axios reports that the end of January looks like it could end up with what forecasters refer to as a “torch” pattern, with temperatures well above average for this time of year.


The past two weeks have brought some of the coldest air in years to the Lower 48 states.

Colon Cancer Is Killing More Young People Than Ever Before

Experts are stumped as to why Certain cancers are rising dramatically among people in their 30s and 40s

Deaths from cancer have declined by 33% since 1991, averting 4.1 million deaths, according to a major new report from the American Cancer Society. That's the good news. The bad news? More people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before—and at an earlier age.Experts say one big reason cancer deaths have declined is due to decreases in smoking rates, as well as improved treatments and more targeted therapies. Still, experts are worried about the increase in some cancers in adults 50 and under, and say it's urgent to understand what's behind the troubling trend. Specifically, colorectal cancer is the deadliest cancer for men under age 50 — and the second deadliest cancer among women in the same age group, behind breast cancer.NBC News reports that the incidence of colon cancer has been rising for at least the last two decades, when it was the fourth-leading cause of cancer death for both men and women under 50. Even more concerning is that doctors don't currently know why cancer (especially colorectal cancer) is becoming more common in younger adults. Some hypothesize that increasing obesity rates, sedentary behavior and unhealthy diets could be playing roles.

Dig Deeper:

More than 2 million Americans will get cancer this year. Here’s what the American Cancer Society says you should know.

New Kraft Singles Just Dropped

This is the first time in years that Kraft has released new flavors of their famous singles 


Are you ready to upgrade your grilled cheese sandwich? Because on Wednesday, Kraft announced it's launching three new flavors of its legendary Kraft Singles—marking the first time a new flavor has joined its lineup in nearly a decade.The new flavors include Jalapeño (brilliant, long overdue), Caramelized Onion (sweet and savory, never a bad idea), along with Garlic & Herb (bold move, but I'll allow it). Why these flavors? According to the company, it's because you wanted it. “In response to U.S. cheese consumers' growing interest in exploring new flavors, our research identified that bold profiles like spicy, garlicky, and savory have the highest appeal,” a spokesperson told Food & Wine.As The Takeout points out, they're “interesting choices for processed cheese flavors in that they're pretty specific,” yet they're simultaneously general enough that they can be applied to all sorts of dishes. For example, Jalapeño Singles would be killer in a breakfast sandwich; Caramelized Onion seem ideal for melting onto a burger or said grilled cheese paired with fig jam; and that Garlic & Herb Single would be a nice surprise in a frittata. The new flavors will be available for purchase in packs of 16 slices starting this month at retailers nationwide.


Introduced in 1950, Kraft individually wrapped “slices” are not really slices off a block, but formed separately in manufacturing.

In Other News

Chinese lab

The lead time could have proved critical in combating pandemic, specialists say.

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Boxed brownie mix
31 Days

Find Your Misogi

Want to shake things up and get stronger? You need this.


Do you ever feel like life’s becoming a bit too routine? Like you're stuck in a loop of the same old, same old? Or no matter how much you want to change or evolve, it's hard to find the time or break out of your rut. Then it's time to shake things up a bit and discover your own personal misogi.You might've heard this term getting kicked around lately. If five years ago, we were all talking about the warm, relaxing Scandinavian concept of “hygge,” then these days, guys are more interested in the ancient Japanese challenge known as misogi. It's actually a Shinto practice of ritual purification. Worshippers often make a pilgrimage to a waterfall and brave the cold temperatures, standing under the rush of water as a way to purify one's soul. The water is often frigid, crashing down from frosty heights—it's not easy, but that's the point. Enduring the experience symbolizes intense purification and provides a reset for the rest of the year.



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