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Tuesday, December 12th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

By Cory Ohlendorf, Valet. Editor

’Tis the season for lots of drinks (if only to get through all the family visits, right?)

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Today’s Big Story

How Big Is Your Bottle? 

Experts agree, You’re Better Off buying bigger bottles this party season


When it comes to wine bottles, bigger is definitely better. Especially this time of year, right? This is a season that calls for friends and family and celebrations aplenty—the perfect excuse then to pour from the biggest bottles and make a splash (though not literally; that would be a waste). And magnums‚ which hold double the volume of a standard bottle, are popping up everywhere.Nothing kicks a party into high gear like pulling a monster Champagne bottle out of the fridge, popping the cork, and letting the crowd go wild. It's drinks and a photo opportunity in one oversized package. “The biggest selling point [of the magnum] is that your friends are going to be so impressed,” one San Francisco sommelier tells Eater. The ability to pour 10 to 12 glasses from a single magnum takes a multicourse-pairing dinner to the next level. Unfortunately, a lot of shoppers often overlook magnums, maybe assuming they're too expensive or just too much wine. But they rarely ever cost more than two regular bottles of the same wine. And aside from the immediate vibe boost, winemakers respect magnums because there are technical advantages. According to Robb Report, the liquid ages more slowly thanks to the greater ratio between the wine in the bottle and the air that can enter via the cork closure. And because producers tend to reserve the magnum treatment for the wines they consider worth celebrating, it's usually a safe bet that the big bottles contain something special. It's also kinda nice that more guests get to taste the exact same bottle. Of course, the big bottles aren't just a champagne thing. They're increasingly in demand for still wine too, according to Brett Fleming, MD of fine wine merchant Armit Wines. “On recognized vintages there is a tendency to 'go large',” he tells the Financial Times. “Ageing the wines is part of this… but also, frankly, it's because they look fantastic at a dinner party.”As for what to pour, Eater says that if you're looking for a Champagne from a respected name that won't break the bank, rely on Charles Heidsieck. If a comforting red wine is more to your liking, Robb Report's wine guy suggested a 2019 Rubicon from Napa's Inglenook winery. But even Fireball is getting into the magnum business for the holidays. Talk about impressing (or at least surprising) your guests.


Tasting Table has everything you need to know about keeping a magnum bottle of sparkling wine from going flat.

Is a President Immune From Prosecution?

Special counsel Has Asked The Supreme Court to decide

Special counsel Jack Smith on Monday asked the Supreme Court to immediately step in to decide whether former President Donald Trump has immunity from prosecution for his actions seeking to overturn the 2020 election.The extraordinary request is an attempt by Smith to keep the election subversion trial—currently scheduled for early March—on track. Smith is asking the Supreme Court to take the rare step of skipping a federal appeals court and quickly decide a fundamental issue of the case (following the same scenario that occurred in the famous 1974 former President Nixon tapes case). But Trump is trying everything he can to delay the trial until after the 2024 election, reports The Hill. “He vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court, where two justices lean way to the right and three more were appointed by Trump himself.”The Supreme Court agreed Monday to expedite consideration of Smith's request to consider whether Trump is immune, and gave Trump's legal team until Dec. 20 to file a response. According to CNN, the Supreme Court last met in a private conference on Friday, and its next scheduled private in-person session is not until January 5. But the Smith request can be readily handled through a telephone conference and circulated memos. Unlike for cases that come up through the regular appeals process, cert before judgment usually takes five, not four, votes.


The Supreme Court on Monday refused to take up a case about whether state and local governments can enforce laws banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ children.


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The Internet Is Screaming Over Golf

Here's What the golf ball rollback means for professional, recreational golfers

Call it a “wedge issue”. I'm not a golfer myself, so I wasn't paying much attention to the ball-rollback debate now embroiling the game. Last week, the sport's governing bodies announced that come 2030, amateur golfers—as part of a wider goal to make the game more sustainable—will be required to play a ball that will rob them of roughly five to seven yards of driving distance, according to the USGA and R&A's research.As Slate points out, golf is different that a lot of sports. Most MLB fans don't play baseball. Most NFL fans definitely don't play football. “Golf is a much different deal. Even a passable set of starter clubs costs a few hundred dollars. Keep playing, and that number goes up, up, and up.” Which means that golf equipment manufacturers play a dominant role in the direction of the sport. The average PGA Tour driving distance was 257 yards in 1980 and 298 in 2023, and nobody argues with a straight face that advancements in training and nutrition have driven the bulk of those gains.But now, within a few years, the golf balls you and the pros are using will no longer be within the rules. But The Athletic says there's a whole lot more to parse through with this massive move. But the governing bodies likely hope that drives go back by 15 or so yards and you see more players hitting long irons into greens. Again, the goal is to reward a complete golf game.


Outraged by the new rule? Golf magazine says to try thinking about distance relatively.

The Golden Globes Are Back. Does It Matter?

‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ take the lead for Nominations, along with ‘succession’ for the TV categories

Ready or not, the Golden Globes are back. After NBC said “no thanks” to another year, the Globes—which were previously criticized for a lack of diversity in their voting body—bounced over to CBS for the first time since 1982. The awards ceremony is now set to air live on January 7 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS along with streaming on Paramount+. Hey, why not?Nominations for the awards were announced on Monday. And beneath the headlines hyping Barbie/Oppenheimer and Succession's dominance among the competing works in film and TV, respectively, there's a bit more to unpack about this year—one that marks a new era for a most unusual awards show. And we're not talking about the snubs for Jennifer Aniston and John Mulaney.According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Golden Globes, as we knew them, are dead. Over the last nine months, the show has endured an unprecedented makeover. The group of international journalists who vote for the Golden Globes grew to 300 individuals in October. However, they say, star power still reigns supreme. The old HFPA was well known and occasionally mocked for favoring the more famous performers in the awards race. And well, this year, Taylor Swift is nominated for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement.


There will be two new categories this year: Best Performance in Stand-up Comedy on Television and the slightly more confusing Cinematic and Box Office Achievement Award. 

In Other News

Texas abortion ruling

Rather than wait for a ruling from the Texas Supreme Court (which was denied hours later).

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New Yorker cartoons


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